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A Formal Round-Up So let’s dive straight back into it, shall we? Suits When it comes to the jacket, make sure that it hugs your shoulders, is slim in the body and that it covers your bottom. The trousers should be slim, not skinny, and have a break that suits…

Nothing screams elegance like formal attire, but often occasions don’t call for a full suit. With the smart casual dress code being admired by many, how does a man pull it off? Recent advice has often made things confusing but I’m here today to strip it right down for you, giving you…

Virgil Abloh showcases one of his biggest inspirations in his next collection, the Royal style icon In the 20th year since Princess Diana’s tragic death, there has been a slew of books, documentaries and tributes dedicated to the people’s princess. Now, Virgil Abloh is taking it a step further, as the first…

Being the modern sophisticate that you are, you know that the foundation of any great closet starts and ends with the classics. But that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen things up now and then. How do ballet flats (that won’t bore you to death) sound? Great. Then you’ll love... Read more
The mini bag trend is adorable. Except when it forces you to also carry around a canvas tote with all your stuff in it (kinda ruins the look). Why not stick to one bag that looks great and can fit more than a lip balm? We’ve found five, so save your... Read more
Forget the runways. We take to the streets to find our biggest fashion inspiration. And spoiler alert: This year is all about color (and maximalism in general). We’ve got that and six other mega trends you can adopt today. BOLD, PRIMARY COLORS The meticulously curated, minimalist aesthetic of 2016 is taking the backseat,... Read more
You know jeans. You love jeans. You think all jeans are the same? Not so fast. Though denim trends hang around for quite some time (really, how long have we all been on the dark-skinnies routine?), they do have an expiration date. Here are the latest updates to your... Read more
From the occasional blisters and persistent sweat marks to the inevitable struggles of swimsuit shopping, summer can be a pain. (There’s a reason people call it cruel.) So we created this guide full of nifty tips that will help you bask in the 80-degree glory rather than run (er, limp)... Read more
When it comes to style, they say inspiration can be found anywhere. Our favorite source? The cool girls themselves. They’re how we learned to effortlessly cuff our jeans and even how to properly carry our handbags. Yet, out of all the trends spotted this past year, it can be difficult... Read more
We’re mad we didn’t think to wear our scarf this way first. Pre-fall—the collection that hits racks between July and September—is generally the most wearable. These clothes have to be versatile (to accommodate the varying temps of those months), layer-able, and easy. We’ve also come to expect pre-fall to... Read more
1. Nili pump Andrienne vittadini A quick fix to finding comfort is choosing heel with ankle strap. The ankle strap helps to avoid sleeping and keep your in place. Not to mention how cute the added detail can be.. 2. Keela by Naturalizer The Naturalizer pump is perfect for... Read more
Designer Monochrome Sneaker Trend If you’re looking for a particular reason to head into Universal Store at QV, look no further than its outstanding range of designer monochrome sneakers. Stylishly designed in black and white, these sneakers have the feeling of being cool without even trying. Sleek, minimal and an... Read more
The Brogue Like so many types of dress shoes, the brogue was conceived as a far more utilitarian shoe than the way we wear it today. The holes and perforations in brogues were originally there to help drain water after crossing bogs and swamps in muddy Ireland. Today, we... Read more