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A Formal Round-Up So let’s dive straight back into it, shall we? Suits When it comes to the jacket, make sure that it hugs your shoulders, is slim in the body and that it covers your bottom. The trousers should be slim, not skinny, and have a break that suits…

Nothing screams elegance like formal attire, but often occasions don’t call for a full suit. With the smart casual dress code being admired by many, how does a man pull it off? Recent advice has often made things confusing but I’m here today to strip it right down for you, giving you…

Virgil Abloh showcases one of his biggest inspirations in his next collection, the Royal style icon In the 20th year since Princess Diana’s tragic death, there has been a slew of books, documentaries and tributes dedicated to the people’s princess. Now, Virgil Abloh is taking it a step further, as the first…

1. Clean Out Your Wardrobe You knew this was coming, right? There is no better way to make space (for more items of course) and to evaluate everything you own, than going through your wardrobe methodically, piece by piece. Throw away anything that hasn’t been worn in the last twelve... Read more
1. Wayfarer Sunglasses Iconic label Ray Ban made this style a revolutionary trend in fashion when it emerged in the 1950’s, with the design and aesthetics providing a refreshing change from the common metal eyewear that pervaded this era. Since then, its popularity has fluctuated, but from recent runway shows,... Read more
The humble tie is often overlooked as a men’s fashion accessory, usually worn out of necessity to the office or for those all-important formal occasions. However, the world of stylish neckwear is constantly expanding, with a whole range of luxurious and creative options now awaiting you from both independent... Read more
There are few fabrics we’ve fallen head over heels for, but denim is undoubtedly one of them. Easy and comfortable to wear, remarkably tough, and endlessly versatile, denim is one of those rare materials that doesn’t lose its appeal with repeated wear, but only gets better – developing its... Read more
1. White Legwear Legwear in white (or shades of off-white) might not exactly be a game-changing development but while these trews are a true summer classic, their popularity at the recent spring/summer 2016 shows verified they’re no longer a niche choice. Milan proved to be the trend’s biggest proponent,... Read more
If you want to showcase your …  1. Creativity Aesthetics and bold design are your raison d’être, so dip into your vintage clothingreserves to make the ultimate sartorial statement. “Reinvent a vintage menswear piece,” stylist Sara Cooper suggests. 2. Client-facing chops Client management is only part people skills. To... Read more
1. Some mini-series are like vintage wine We weren’t buying the Eighties revival until we saw Balenciaga’s homage to Dynasty’s Krystle Carrington. We’ll leave all the high-waisted leggings, garish colour pairings and moon-eclipsing shoulders to the young, but we think there’s something quite glamorous and versatile about a drapey... Read more